Monday, July 17, 2006

The Dosage and Aplication is very important in the ozone procedure

The dosage is everything!!! Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoheim (better known, as Paracelsus)

First, our Integrated Medical School is located in the same city which goes trough the news-, in Chiang Mai, but we have nothing to do with Mr. Satori ( same as "Dr." Suchada, which goes trough our student newsletters with a lot of complaints - she is a Thai female and claimed she is "natural doctor" educated from Canada, she doesn't saw at all Canada ( after a newsmagazine research), in reality- she works for the Faculty of Agriculture (has no medical, more less Ayurveda background - at all) when she nobody wants to tell who she is - so she has deep sense of privacy - and we are distancing us from all her actions and her advertisements. We have nothing to do with her. She is only focused on financial benefits.

Our priority is always safety and education of the patients and students. Our main intention is to educate and to protect, not to hurt. I'm aware of it, there are in Asia, especially in the Ayurveda section, here in Chiang Mai, which claim and advertise knowledge in that way ( and have no education at all) this is quiet danger -as the fellow example shows. They tourists know about this kind of treatments from Europe or north America, okay I will try it, but in the end of the day after they get aware of it - this is the scam.

We are get many complaints in that way, because we are teaching this here in Asia, and there is not yet a quality management. But it seems only if some people get killed, we are listen the news and questions the treatments. What is about the colon infections, fractures during the massage, heavy metal and full of fungus poisoned supplements?

Is this really the treatments? Or is this the missing education? I this there is no watch dog here in Asia? I'm aware in Europe and north America, since 10 years - we are talking about quality management, how we can control it, how we can improve it? I guess in Thailand so far, we don't have it, I couldn't read about in English newspapers. or I miss it.

We are getting tons of emails and everybody asking the same questions, how safe is ozone treatment?

It is very safe, when you don't make this non-sense, what Mr. Sartori made. Everyone understand when you inject a pure gas (any gas!) in a human vessel this is very dangerous and life threatening, but this is not what us the German studies proved - in the procedures guide. So don't associate so much Mr. Sartori with legal ozone applications, like here:

Wednesday July 12, 03:42 PM
Mixed views on radical oxygen treatment
Many terminally-ill patients have turned to radical alternative oxygen treatment in a last ditch attempt to prolong, or even save, their lives.

Ozone therapy is a German healing practice praised by dozens of natural health advocates worldwide for more than five decades.

But the controversial treatment has met with harsh criticism from medical specialists who claim there is no evidence it is effective.

Ozone is in the spotlight after police in Thailand charged Austrian national Hellfried Sartori with fraud and practicing medicine without a license in the northern city of Chiang Mai.
They allege he injected foreigners with dangerous chemicals, and that he has already been convicted and jailed in the United States for illegally administering his so-called "ozone treatments".

But Sartori insists the injections are not linked to the deaths of some of his patients, many of whom hoped it might save them from cancer.

One Australian cancer patient, Kathleen Preston, sought a cure from the so-called Dr Ozone but died in hospital last July following the treatment.

Websites supporting ozone therapy claim oxygen can be used to treat and often cure hundreds of conditions, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

The practice is legal in 16 countries excluding Australia. Several states in the US have passed legislation to ensure that such alternative therapies are available to consumers.
It is most commonly administered through intravenous injection, in water or as a low-pressure gas fed through the ear or rectum.

Oxygenation therapists believe that disease is caused by the absence of oxygen and loss of cellular ability to use oxygen for "good energy" metabolism, detoxification, and immune system function.
The therapy therefore restores the body's ability to produce "good" energy, "detoxify" metabolic poisons, and to kill invading organisms, they claim.

Several organizations and companies worldwide have dedicated themselves to promoting the practice, which a 1980 German study found to be safe and effective with few side effects.
But the medical community says there is no evidence the therapy works.
At the heart of the criticism is that ingestion, infusion, or injection of oxygen or hydrogen peroxide cannot re-oxygenate the tissues of the body as claimed.
Yahoo news

The are many things are unknown here in Asia, and the USA as well (maybe in Australia too). I met only few doctors they understand what ozone / oxygen does, but for sure there is a relationship, between cancer, blood and a lack of oxygen, but for sure the solution is not - to put liquid or as a gas pure ozone in any vessel in the human body.

This is non-sense - and I'm not sure Mr. Satori - didn't know this. If you read more in detail the news, I'm not sure they patients really died from the ozone applications (or the high dosage of potassium? Why this?).

There is really not so much details in the news. But who come in the bad news is ozone/ oxygen treatments, and they have nothing to do with news.

What is happen here, Mr. Satori, hungry for money, claims some non-sense procedure, the people understand, he promise - he can treat cancer in a short time, that’s why he asking for his short time effort for US$ 50.000 (in 1! week).

I don't understand anyone who can pay this for 1 week, but I guess the are in a last hope - and he abuse a treatment, which are helped many people - not in one week, not in his way - but in a safe way - which can improve so many things: the blood, the live quality, and on and on. In this case, we are recommend again, please educate your self, before you make any treatment. Please consult at least 3 doctors to get your own opinion, and don't believe and pay a fake illusion and promise.

For that reason our website shows many different sites to help you, to educate your opinion.

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