Monday, February 06, 2006

Therapeutic Use Oxygen - Medical Ozone Therapy

Using medical ozone therapy, it is extremely important that you receive all the positive effects and not become dissatisfied from its use. It will work for you, if you apply it properly. The success of this depends on retaining the mixture of gas and allowing it to absorb through the colon.

Those with large intestine that needs cleaning, you will be unable to retain the gas and have to release it after a short period of time. As treatment progress you should be able to retain it for longer periods.Medical ozone therapy is introduced into the rectal cavity it is called rectal insufflation. It is important to receive all the optimum benefits that it can deliver. If the large intestine is lined with debris it will not absorb.

Gas has to absorb through the intestinal walls during rectal insufflation for it to absorb into the bloodstream; therefore, the o3 is then carried through the circulatory system when the large intestine is clean.Some people are using this therapy in the rectum (rectal insufflation) or vagina for 30 seconds, one to three times per day for the first week. It is best to do this immediately following an enema, a colonic treatment, or soon after a bowel movement.

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