Monday, February 06, 2006

Which are the most important auto+lied therapy procedures?

Native self-blood therapy (NEB):
0,1 to at the most 10.0 ml blood is taken out of the Vene and injected then with or without additives into the gesaessmuskel or under the skin.
Homoeopathi self-blood therapy:
In the medical practice blood is removed from the patient, which is prepared homoeopathisch in a laboratory then in the pharmacy or. The in such a way won ' medicine ' can be injected intra or subkutan (into or under the skin), be taken orally (by the mouth) or be rubbed in percutaneous (into the skin). The Homoeopathi self-blood therapy was introduced by the Arnsberger child lady doctor Hedwig Imhaeuser in the 50's.
Here the serum of the patient with additives is shifted and worked on then likewise homoeopathisch (production in a special specialized laboratory).This method developed the physician Karl Theurer, likewise in the 50's.
Self-blood ozone therapy:
The patient blood is mixed with an oxygen ozone mixture and returned then either in small quantities (1-5 ml) into the gesaessmuskel or in larger quantities (50-100 ml) than infusion.
The patient blood (usually 50 - 100 ml) is illuminated with ultraviolet light and returned then as infusion.
Self-blood therapy after Hoeveler and Garthe :
A small quantity self-blood is shifted with hydrogen peroxide and other materials, then illuminated, well through-vibrated and electrolytically works on. After end of the irradiation 2-5 is injected ml into the gesaessmuskel.
Autovakzine therapy:
Germs are bred from the chair, Bronchialschleim or other elimination products and prepared then than a kind vaccine, which is usually injected into the skin; with chronic inflammations.

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