Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Ozone?

Why Ozone?
Cost effective Installation
High Oxygen transfer rates
Minimal Maintenance as there is only one moving part in the system. Either an Air-blower when an Air disk supplies Ozone.
Injector supplies the Ozone
Makes clear and healthy water.
Increases the Oxidation power of the Water
Removes toxic Nitrite by 90%
Reduces decay processes in wastewater, fishponds and other organic contaminated ponds or Canals.
Improves the filter efficiency by 80%
Removes yellow substances from the water which putting strain on living creatures in the water.
Increases the Redox potential.
Supports biological filtration.
Reduces the B O D and C O D by 80%.
Promotes continues aerobic conditions therefore no bad smell.
Reduces heavy metal concentrations by oxidizing the metals in to sulfates.
Eliminates eutrophication in Lakes and Rivers.
Reduces Algae growth or eliminates the growth of Algae complete.
Depresses the growth of water born parasites like Mosquitoes, Tsetse Flies and other water-born deceases
Reduces Water treatment costs more than 35% savings depend on what kind of water to treat.

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