Sunday, December 11, 2005

School Bake Sales May Contribute to Childhood Obesity

A recent Minneapolis study suggests school bake sales and other food-based reward systems may raise more than money.

The study evaluated 3,088 eighth-graders at 16 schools and looked at whether they used seven "food practices" that allowed access to snacks outside normal meal programs. Sixty-nine percent allowed food as incentives and 56 percent allowed it for fund-raising.

Disturbingly, the body mass index was 10 percent higher for each additional food practice. Not surprising, as the teachers in these schools used candy, cookies, doughnuts, non-diet soft drinks and pizza as incentives as opposed to pretzels, fruits, vegetables and other healthier alternatives.

Without question, the risk factors for childhood obesity and the undeniable links to adult health problems -- the increased chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer -- outweigh the benefits of a bake sale.

Yahoo News December 5, 2005

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