Sunday, December 11, 2005

H5N1 claims one more victim

APINYA WIPATAYOTIN A five-year-old boy from Nakhon Nayok province has been confirmed dead from the H5N1 virus, bringing the country's bird flu death toll to 14, the Public Health Ministry said yesterday. The latest human death from avian influenza was confirmed despite Livestock Development Department reports that Thailand has been free of a bird flu outbreak for over two weeks now. Public Health Minister Phinij Jarusombat said the boy developed a fever on Nov 25. He was taken to local clinics twice but his condition did not improve. He was later admitted to a hospital in Ongkharak district on Dec 5 with a severe lung infection. Doctors, however, did not list him as a suspected bird flu victim because it was unclear whether he had had any close contact with fowls. The boy died on Wednesday due to respiratory system failure. The Department of Medical Science and Siriraj Hospital's laboratory confirmed that the boy tested positive for the deadly H5N1 virus. ''He wouldn't have died if his parents had told the doctors about the fighting cocks raised at their home,'' Mr Phinij said. Fourteen neighbours of the boy's family have been put under close surveillance, and livestock officials have already culled more than 500 fowls in the area.

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