Sunday, December 04, 2005

About Cancer Prevention

In cancer, something goes awry with the body's internal code that regulates how and when each cell multiplies and also when it dies. What makes cancer cells dangerous is that they develop abnormally and then grow without control.

A strong, healthy immune system is able to identify and eliminate both free radicals (the unstable oxygen molecules that can cause basic cellular damage) and most early cancer cells before they can do any further harm.

A weakened immune system, however, loses its ability to detect abnormal cell changes and to destroy malignant cells, which can start to proliferate and spread. In the process, cancer cells cause serious damage to healthy tissues and organs, with grave consequences for health and longevity.

Although conventional cancer treatments can be very effective, cancer is definitely a disease that's better to prevent than to treat. And in fact, there's plenty you can do.

Because poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking and inadequate nutrition, play such an important role in the development of cancer, making some simple changes can accomplish a lot.

Such preventive strategies as eating a healthy diet, avoiding excessive sun exposure, scheduling regular screening exams, exercising, taking antioxidant supplements, and above all, quitting smoking can greatly increase your chances of living a healthy, cancer-free life.

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