Sunday, October 05, 2008

Treating Cardiovascular Disease - Conventional Approaches Not Working.

What is Cardiovascular Disease? ‘Cardio’ for heart. ‘Vascular’ for vessel. Cardiovascular disease generally means the obstruction of arteries - the vessels that deliver oxygen and other nutrients to all of our cells and tissues.

This includes obstruction of the arteries to the heart: the coronary arteries; arteries to the brain: the carotid arteries; arteries to the legs: the peripheral arteries. In fact every single artery in the body can become obstructed as a result of atherosclerosis (‘hardening of the arteries’).

Medical Economics of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Trumps Evidence-Based Medicine:

A. Case Against CABG.
The scientific evidence does not support the use of ‘bypass surgery’ (coronary artery bypass grafting, CABG) for the treatment of patients with stable angina (recurring, chronic chest pain resulting from poor circulation to the heart). Continue Reading >>

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