Sunday, August 13, 2006

MEDEX Assistance Expands Avian Flu Info Outreach: Comprehensive New Website Is A Free Resource For Corporate And Individual Travelers, Travel Planner

Expanding its longstanding coverage and counsel regarding the avian flu, MEDEX Assistance today launched a comprehensive new website that provides the very latest authoritative updates on the potential pandemic. One of the world's leading providers of 24/7 emergency medical, security and travel assistance, MEDEX Assistance has been addressing global health issues and serving the needs of corporate and individual business and leisure travelers for more than 28 years. Coalesced from the world's leading medical and public health sources, the new website,, serves as a one-stop dissemination point for the latest avian flu facts and data.

In addition, MEDEX Assistance provides insights and advice from the company's global network of travel health professionals. Corporate managers, medical personnel, risk management professionals, and individual travelers can access updates regarding the spread of the H5N1 virus and precautions for minimizing the risk of infection, as well as expert analysis and links to vital business continuity planning information.

Free public access to this dynamic and continually updated new avian flu website is a clear and simple click from either the group or individual portions of the MEDEX Assistance website: or directly at "While we all hope that an Avian Flu pandemic does not become a reality, we also recognize that 'hoping' is not a viable strategy should it actually come to pass," stated MEDEX Assistance President and CEO Bruce Kirby.

"Free and open access to information about such a dangerous global health risk is, in our view, the reasonable and responsible approach." Noting that the free distribution of avian flu resources and planning materials has been MEDEX Assistance policy since the company published its two extensively researched Avian Flu reports nearly a year ago, Kirby emphasized, "Pandemic planning is something that should be available to all, not offered exclusively to those corporations willing and able to pay for it. The goal of our new website is to provide a free and open forum for a rational and informed decision making, based on facts and not fears."

For additional information about MEDEX Assistance Corporation, contact Nicole Beach at 410-451-6391 or Richard Altman/REA Communications, Inc. at 914-288-9811.

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