Sunday, July 23, 2006

Praise And Criticism Surrounds Radical Oxygen Treatment- or you see only black and white

Recently I found the fellow note from??? in AAP
Jul 13, 2006

"Ozone therapy is a German healing practice praised by dozens of natural health advocates worldwide for more than five decades.
But the controversial treatment has met with harsh criticism from medical specialists who claim there is no evidence it is effective.

Ozone is in the spotlight after police in Thailand charged Austrian national Hellfried Sartori with fraud and practising medicine without a licence in the northern city of Chiang Mai.
They allege he injected foreigners with dangerous chemicals, and that he has already been convicted and jailed in the United States for illegally administering his so-called "ozone treatments".

But Sartori insists the injections are not linked to the deaths of some of his patients, many of whom hoped it might save them from cancer.
One Australian cancer patient, Kathleen Preston, sought a cure from the so-called Dr Ozone but died in hospital last July following the treatment.
Websites supporting ozone therapy claim oxygen can be used to treat and often cure hundreds of conditions, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

The practice is legal in 16 countries excluding Australia. Several states in the US have passed legislation to ensure that such alternative therapies are available to consumers.
It is most commonly administered through intravenous injection, in water or as a low-pressure gas fed through the ear or rectum.

Oxygenation therapists believe that disease is caused by the absence of oxygen and loss of cellular ability to use oxygen for "good energy" metabolism, detoxification, and immune system function.

The therapy therefore restores the body's ability to produce "good" energy, "detoxify" metabolic poisons, and to kill invading organisms, they claim.

Several organisations and companies worldwide have dedicated themselves to promoting the practice, which a 1980 German study found to be safe and effective with few side effects.
But the medical community says there is no evidence the therapy works.

At the heart of the criticism is that ingestion, infusion, or injection of oxygen or hydrogen peroxide cannot re-oxygenate the tissues of the body as claimed. "

My comment: Again found someone who has no clue at all - what he or she is writing about- a victim. But you got it wrong, the victim is not the ozone-oxygen-therapy, the victim is the patient, which got abused from a so "hungry" "health-professional", which claimed to stay above everything. I'm agree to talk about this. But the world is not black and white, do you know?

There are lots of protocols out there, you are right, they are most come from Germany in a long time tradition, which helps so many poeple there ( by they way, the oxygen helps your daily to survive!). So try to get the facts right. Your add shows you are lost in the topic.

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