Monday, July 10, 2006

The Doctors does not recommend oral Chelation as a substitute for intravenous Chelation therapy

The Doctors does not recommend oral Chelation as a substitute for intravenous Chelation therapy, however.

"There is a significant difference in both the rapidity and degree of benefits achieved with intravenous Chelation over any currently available oral Chelation agents," he says. "And the intravenous approach is clearly the proper choice for patients who have only a few months to get well before facing surgery r worse."

But for patients whose conditions are not as drastic, as well as for those who want to optimally safeguard themselves against free radicals and plaque buildup, our Doctors views oral Chelation as an effective, noninvasive, inexpensive choice. For many patients, memory, sight, hearing, and sense of smell improved, and most reported increased vigor.

Does it hurt?
No, it is painless. The patient reclines comfortably and is give an intravenous solution of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) with vitamins and minerals.

Is it safe?
Yes of course. The Doctor recommends regular exercise, proper diet, tailored vitamin and nutritional supplements before starting treatments. Our Doctors discourages smoking and moderate alcohol consumption. Tests to be taken before, during, and after Chelation: Pulse, Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Kidney and organ function, Tissue minerals, if indicated.

How long does it take?
For optimal results, twenty to thirty treatments at an average of one to three per week, taking approximately three and a half hours per session.

more information about Chelation.

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