Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dark field blood diagnostics

Method of Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein (1872-1968), that primarily a biologist and a zoologist was 1916 came from Enderlein a first report over a revolutionary reorganization of the bacteriology.

Dr. Enderlein
Dr. Brehmer
Dr. Brehmer - Test

Dr. William of Brehmer (1883 - 1958) discovered 1928 the blood parasites Siphonosphora polymorpha in the red blood corpuscle of humans, which can develop itself further under certain conditions to diseased forms. The special at of Brehmer the method is coloring native or vital blood on a slide, whereby certain high valence forms become visible. By the advancement of the technology to the phase contrast microscope, it is to be regarded us today possible certain forms without coloring immediately.

Most important aspect also for of Brehmer is clarifying the acid Base environment in the organism. It developed for it the Haemo Ionometer. Robert-Koch-Institute with the Humboldt university in Berlin, under which line of the then world-famous Hematology Professor Dr. Victor Schilling confirmed to 1935 that Siphonosphora polymorpha the second genuine blood parasite is, which develops in the Erythrocyte.

First up to then admitted blood parasite was the Plasmodium malaria. Thus Brehmers discovery was scientifically certified and in the medical professional world recognition. The exciters go through a specific cycle, as the training medicine and bacteriology accept it with malaria as natural. The training medicine until today recognizes the development stages of viruses, bacteria and mushroom forms however not on. Although there is nevertheless no exception of the law of the eternal change and the unit of the macrocosm with the microcosmic (e.g. Qualquappe' Frog, Raupe' Butterfly) in whole nature.

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