Friday, April 28, 2006

Americans Without Health Insurance Climbing

You may have heard about the worrisome study released by the Commonwealth Fund that found a growing percentage of working-age Americans in middle income brackets are going without health insurance, rising from 2001-05 to 41 percent.

By the numbers:

More than half of Americans making less than $20,000 annually have no health insurance.
Some 46 million Americans have no health coverage, as of 2004, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Almost 60 percent of the uninsured who have chronic conditions (asthma or diabetes) skipped their medicines on occasion or went without them altogether because they were too expensive.

Fact is, the cost of conventional health care can be financially devastating, even for those who already have insurance coverage. That's why I urge you so very often to take responsibility for your own health by following a plan like the Total Health Program, so you'll only need health insurance as a catastrophic backup.
USA Today April 26, 2006

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