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The Sanum Company produces three groups of remedies. The first group, which is based directly on the work of Professor Dr. Enderlien, is Isopathic preparations of the elemental symbiotic forms of these microorganisms. When administered to a patient suffering with a disease, they bring about a regression of the disease microorganism.
The second group of remedies is called Polysan, which can be tested for by mixing with a drop of blood and observing for coagulation. This indicates the presence of antibodies left from an illness in the past where the body never completely recovered. Polysan remedies clear these antibodies from the system reestablishing health.
The third group is called Sanukehl preparations or Haptenic therapy. For many diseases, a pathogen's toxins can still be present after the germ itself has been eliminated and this can perpetuate disease. In fact, the toxins left from the microorganism might be the sole disease-causing agent.
To protect themselves from their own toxins, germs produce specific polysccharides designed to bind the pathogen's own toxins. This prevents the toxins from damaging the microorganism. Moreover, viruses, bacteria, plants and animals know how to store and communicate information with the aid of saccharides. The code laid down in this language is thus able to influence a multitude of regulatory processes in the host organism.
With Sanukehl preparations, bacterial toxins released during previous infections and not eliminated from the body due to immune-system deficiencies can be bound by these haptens (polysaccharides) and eliminated from the body.
If you have symptoms or health problems that go back to an infection that you never quite recovered "

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