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THERAPIES - Sanum Therapy

It is a treatment regime, which aims to alter the patient's internal environment so that optimum conditions can prevail leading to the regression of disease microorganisms.

Sanum remedies are based on the work of the German microbiologist, physician and researcher Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlien. Enderlien was able to show in his studies that as microorganisms in the human body develop through several stages, their effect on the body changes from early apathogenic forms into later pathogenic agents. In his research, he viewed fresh blood under a darkfield microscope. He concluded it was the patient's internal environment that was responsible for the formation of viral, bacterial or fungal diseases and that modifying this milieu was the way to counter most infectious diseases.
Enderlien's great achievement is having systematized the knowledge of the Endobionts (the structures that colonize humans). When the endobionts are of a low valence they are vital to many metabolic processes, particularly to materials transport in and out of cells, and to blood coagulation. If these structures become of a higher valence, as a result of unhealthy milieu changes, they can cause various bacterial diseases -- or if general regulatory processes become blocked -- viral diseases. Enderlien was able to classify the three major developmental cycles, which respectively produce in their culminant stages, the fungus Mucor racemoses fresen, Aspergillus niger, and Penicillium notatum."

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