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AIDS / HIV Aids - Natural Remedies

AIDS / HIV Aids - Natural Remedies: "Aids - Natural Remedies
by Edward F. Group III, D.C., Ph.D, N.D.,CCN

There is a way for people with AIDS to get cured of the disease by following certain steps. Even if you are taking drugs, if you take the right steps and follow the right food and nutritional plan, you will have a big chance of reducing the effects of the virus and maybe even rid the body of the virus completely. We know that AIDS is caused by toxins and enzymes produced by the AIDS virus and the destruction of white blood cells. The virus spreads and replicates by using an enzyme called protease, which destroys collagen. Scientist discovered that the amino acid lysine, when combined with vitamin C, appeared to inhibit the action of protease. In certain clinical trials, patients with AIDS were giving a regimen consisting of lysine and vitamin C. This regimen showed to have dramatically reduced the virus and improved the patient's health.
This Program works in five ways to stop AIDS and symptoms associated with the disease
The core nutrients of the regimen stop the action of protease. They act as a natural protease inhibitor. In other words, the protease molecules are neutralized by the regimen components, which act as 'decoys' to prevent the protease from attacking T-cells and destroying collagen in living tissue. Since they are ordinary, natural amino acids, they do not interfere with normal body chemistry.
The regimen helps to build and strengthen your immune system by supplying the necessary raw materials for building healthy white blood cells, which can identify, surround, and destroy viruses and unhealthy cells. This gives the body fighting power to ward off the virus directly and strengthens the body against further invasion of microorganisms that threaten the body.
The antioxidants in the reg"

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