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When Chlorine is introduced into water,

Fruit and vegetables are stored and/or shipped in high levels of ozone to prevent spoilage and retard ripening . Eggs are stored in O3 atmospheres to retard spoilage. An egg can be stored at room temperature, for over six months in an O3 rich atmosphere with no detectable change of taste or freshness. Bottled water is treated with ozone.

Buy a bottle of spring water when it is handy and look at the label. Trace amounts of ozone is the recognized standard of purity of water for human consumption. The bottled water industry requires that an ozone residual be included with the water in the bottle. Some of the ozone equilibrates from the liquid phase into the gas phase where it continues to sterilize the inside of the cap and the container that is not in contact with the water. Breweries also ozonate the brewing water to remove any residuals of taste and odor and to ensure the absence of microorganisms. In similar applications, the inside of bottles and cans are sprayed with water containing an ozone residual for disinfection prior to the introduction of food.

The ozone residual disappears as it decomposes into oxygen. There is another device marketed with much fanfare and hype as a "HEPA Air Filter-Purifier/Ion Generator." To begin with, "HEPA" type filters require relatively relatively high pressures to operate. If there was a table-top device with a fan or blower with sufficient power to generate air pressure levels high enough to deal with a true HEPA filter's very high back pressure, you would not be able to stay in the room with the noise it would produce. However, there is usually a small amount of activated charcoal imbedded in the filter to absorb some of the odors for a while and convince one that the device is truly working and there may also be an anti-bacterial coating on the fan side of the filter that will last for a very short time.Ozone kills mould and mildew spores and eliminates organic odors safely and completely!

Ozone as been successfully applied to marine toilet systems aboard numerous yachts and ships from 37 to over 300 feet in length. The ozone can be injected directly into the holding tank head space and/or atmospheric vent lines. Ozone can also be injected directly into the toilet's waste line to control odor emanation from any particularly troublesome head. Cooling towers associated with HVAC systems have traditionally been treated with a chemical soup to control algae and pathogenic bacteria and prevent scaling and corrosion.

It has been fully demonstrated that ozonating cooling towers can totally eliminate algae and microbial growth including "LEGIONELLA PNEUMOPHILA"; remove existing scale and prevent its reforming and reduce corrosion by 50% to 80% over conventional chemical scale and corrosion control! Normally Bromine is the only other chemical that needs to be added to the tower water. Small ozone generating systems have also been installed on numerous small to large handlers for A/C units. Simply injecting ozone into either the return or supply side of an air handler will make the associated areas served by that unit have a "Spring Time Fresh" odor. There have been numerous small marine A/C units equipped with ozone generators with exceptionally satisfying results for the owners and crew.

This has been a very short trip into a complicated field of chemistry and engineering, as well as a small attempt at clearing up a few of the more prevalent misconceptions about ozone. There are more applications for ozone than could possibly be covered here. Furthermore, there is an astonishing amount of misinformation and misconception about ozone. Always consult a professional before moving ahead with any application of ozone.Our Live Blood Analysis can control the changes in your blood and give you a measurement, how the ozone works.

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