Friday, January 06, 2006 - Parasites Cleanse - Parasites Cleanse: Health and Parasites

In the world today so many people are sick from diseases that modern medicine does not seem to cure. Is it normal to have low energy, skin rashes, painful joints and bones? How many people around the globe are on medication with little or no change in their health?

Could it be that the medical establishment has forgotten to look for worm and parasite infection in the human body? In recent studies taken at major hospitals over the last ten years, experts in this field have found that well over 95% of all people have parasitic animals living in them.

What is a Parasite?
A parasite is a small microscopic organism that draws energy and food from you. In fact, parasites are incredible food scavengers that literally consume energy from your cells. The single most undiagnosed health challenge today is parasites. There is no living creature on this earth that is not subjected to invasion by parasitic animals of one form or another.

Parasitic Infection
Here are a few signs of parasitic infection: low energy levels, fatigue, pain and fever, acne, skin rashes and hives, hair loss, grinding of teeth, frequent colds, flu’s, loss of appetite, itchy ears, nose and anus, sexual dysfunction in men, slow reflexes in both children and adults, stomach gas, bloating, excess blood in urine or stool, eating more that usual but still feeling hungry, and numb hands or feet. The list is endless for all the things that parasitic infection can cause.

How Do You Kill Parasites?
Do modern drugs kill parasites?
The answer unfortunately, is no. The parasite can live for many years undetected and is always adapting to the medications given to the body.

Integrated Medicine Forum
The parasite is intelligent enough to move to a different location.

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