Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tea May Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Attention tea drinkers, a recent study suggests that women who consume two or more cups of tea daily, over time, may reduce their risk of ovarian cancer

Researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden studied the association between tea consumption and ovarian cancer in some 61,000 women ages 40-76. They observed a 46 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer in those who consumed two or more cups per day compared to non-drinkers. Additionally, they found an 18 percent lower risk for each additional cup consumed each day.

I've posted several other articles touting the potential benefits of tea. Green tea, for example, may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and green tea extract might aid in fighting bladder cancer.

While tea can be a beneficial, it is important to consume in moderation. Previous research has found high levels of fluoride, a toxic substance that can have an adverse effect on your body. If you drink a lot of tea, look for a low-fluoride brand.

Because, when it comes to cancer, prevention is always the best "cure," I urge you to review my major recommendations that can virtually eliminate your cancer risks.

Yahoo News December 13, 2005
Archives of Internal Medicine, Vol. 165, No. 22, December 2005: 1212-1226

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