Thursday, December 29, 2005

Study Indicates Link Between Low-Fat Dairy and Lower Blood Pressure

We've all heard, "strong bones, healthy teeth and a great smile," but recent studies in Spain linked skim milk and other low-fat dairy foods with lower blood pressure.

The study followed nearly 5,900 adults aged 20-90 for over two years and found those with the highest low-fat dairy intake were about half as likely to develop high blood pressure. Conversely, fattier foods such as whole milk and ice cream did not show the same effects. The study also notes that milk provides certain proteins, caseins and whey that may act similarly to blood-pressure-lowering drugs.

I suspect there are links between the intake of calcium and certain proteins and health benefits. However, the pasteurization of milk can greatly increase your odds of Parkinson's disease, obesity and other serious problems.

Pasteurization is a destructive process that changes the physical structure of the fragile proteins in milk (especially casein) and converts them into proteins that can actually harm you. If you want to drink milk, I encourage it. However, I recommend finding an authentic raw-milk source.
MSNBC December 9, 2005
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 82, No. 5, November 2005: 972-979

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