Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just What Is In The Flu Shot?

This hilarious parody from the Royal Canadian Air Farce TV show (free video link below) illustrates, not only the ignorance most people have about what is in the flu shot, but creative ways you can make your own toxic concoction. Because the video is Canadian, the flu shot is ''free'' up there as a result of their socialistic medical policies, but certainly not any safer.

The sketch hit home with me even more because one observant and knowledgeable writer made sure to include multiple references to mercury, the health-harming metal contained in thimerosal used as a preservative in flu vaccines and other medicines.

Royal Canadian Air Farce

if You're At high risk of getting the Flu, your first line of defense is an annual Flu shot. for some people, antiviral medications taken within 24 to 48 ...

get an annual flu shot. Many cases of acute Bronchitis result from influenza. getting A yearly flu shot can help protect You from both Bronchitis and the ...

Because pneumonia can be a complication of the flu, getting a yearly flu shot is a good way to prevent pneumonia. In addition, get a vaccination against ...

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