Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A not so rare but frequently disregarded Metabolic Disorder - Pyrroluria

The abbreviation KPU stands for pyrroluria, which is a frequently disregarded metabolic disorder that may cause numerous unspecific symptoms. However, it is comparatively easy to treat. In general, KPU (a.k.a. pyrroluria, malvaria, or HPU) is a genetically determined anomaly of hemal production (an aspect of blood formation) which causes increased hemal pyrrole concentrations.

Normally, this substance does not circulate freely in the blood but is bound by bile acid and excreted through the intestines. In KPU-cases, however, crypto pyrrole is increasingly excreted in the urine – unfortunately along with vitamin B6, zinc, and manganese which the body lacks due to this process.
In combination with increased stress (e.g. acute viral rhinopharyngitis, burns, injuries/accidents, intestinal infections, or psychic stress) this causes a wide range of symptoms, such as:
disturbances of memory and sleep, erratic mood swings, depression, hair loss, proneness to infections, and chapped skin. There is also a possible relation to ADHD with children and juveniles. Read more...
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