Friday, September 12, 2008

Striking Out as a Diabetic Blood Donor

By Sean Kelley

Every eight weeks, I donate blood. Despite a pronounced needle phobia, I do it for two reasons: One, as a diabetic, I get more than my fair share of attention from the medical community, and dropping a pint in the blood bank is a way to give back. But the second reason is not about altruism. I also give for points. Just like an airline loyalty program, I earn 10,000 points per pint. When I reach 120,000 points sometime next year, I’m cashing in for a golf vacation or some other cool prize offered by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Touchpoint program.
In my quest to give and receive, I never really considered whether, as an insulin-taking type 2 diabetic, I should be donating blood at all. Read More

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