Thursday, September 18, 2008

Health Tip: Skin Care for Diabetics

(HealthDay News) -- Skin problems are common in people with diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association offers these suggestions to help diabetics keep their skin in good health:

  • Always keep your skin clean and dry, and apply talcum powder in areas in contact with other skin.

  • Don't take baths or showers with very hot water, and don't take bubble baths if you have dry skin.

  • Use mild shampoos, and moisturizing soaps and body lotions. Don't apply lotions between the toes, as this may encourage fungus to grow.

  • Treat any cuts or abrasions promptly to prevent infection. Talk to your doctor about the best antiseptic solutions to use.

  • During the cold winter months, keep your home more humid, keep your skin well-moisturized, and try to bathe less frequently.

  • Check your feet regularly for problems.

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