Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Food Allergy Pantry Purge

By Sean Kelley

A few days after my son, Graeme’s, food allergies (to peanuts, corn, soy, wheat, egg whites, and chicken) were confirmed, my wife mentioned his problems to a surgery colleague at the hospital where she is a nurse. “We harvested the organs of a 2-year-old this week. She got into the pantry when no one was looking,” he told her. “Peanut butter.”

I’ve learned from my wife that people in the medical profession don’t often sugarcoat things and the sheer terror we felt hearing that story sent us straight to the pantry for an all out purge. Though it would have been easier to seal it off with bricks than to only remove the items that offend Graeme’s sensitive body, we opted for a surgical strike. Read More

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