Friday, September 22, 2006

Smokers May Be More Likely to Contract HIV

(HealthDay News) -- Smokers may be at higher risk of contracting HIV infection than nonsmokers, new research finds.
Cigarette smoking has already been linked to an increased risk of infection in general, including sexually transmitted infections.
For their analysis, researchers identified six studies that investigated the association between smoking and becoming HIV positive.

Five of the studies found smokers were at increased risk of contracting HIV. The increased risk ranged from 60 percent higher in smokers to a more than tripling of the risk.

The researchers looked at another 10 studies that assessed the association between smoking and progression to AIDS. Nine of these studies concluded that smokers were not at increased risk.

Smokers may be more vulnerable to infection due to changes in the lungs and the immune system, said the authors.

This study was published online ahead of print in Sexually Transmitted Infections.

More information
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have more about HIV and AIDS prevention.

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