Tuesday, July 11, 2006

METHODS of Diagnostic - Thermographic System

Regulation Thermography identifies illnesses and disease processes by measuring reactions of the human body to cooling stimuli. Even at the earliest stages of the disease process, there are minute, detectable changes in circulation patterns and thermal characteristics of the major organs.

The CRT 2000 ® Thermographic System quantifies these thermal characteristics and compares the thermal profile against a vast library of historical data in order to provide health care practitioners with a report identifying potential problems and risk factors. The CRT 2000 ® features many advantages over traditional laboratory tests and imaging, as it is a non-invasive, reproducible diagnostic that evaluates all the major body organs and is able to detect the very early onset of many disease and degenerative processes.

The analysis provided by the CRT 2000 ® provides focused statements of individual organ systems, indicating the severity of conditions, allergies, toxicity, and degeneration.The CRT 2000 ® Thermographic System quickly locates the focal points of chronically, malignant and unspecified diseases such as:

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