Monday, July 03, 2006

10 Reasons to Stay Away From Conventional Grocery Stores

Although organic foods are becoming a booming product segment in many conventional grocery store chains, there are plenty of reasons to justify staying away from them (and finding local sources) as provided in this awesome list.

The sad fact about this list: Written nearly five years ago, this list is just as relevant, if not more so, today. Read half the list below, and review the rest at the Smart Money link.

1. Grocery stores can make you sick.
2. If the conditions in stores don't make you sick, their employees will.
3. The freshness of vegetables and meats sold in grocery stores is highly debatable.
4. Many automated scanners used at checkout lines don't work properly, overcharging often for items on sales.
5. Weekly coupons and sales trick you into paying for more expensive products. August 1, 2001

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