Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stay Out of Sibling Rivalry

Here's how to deal with the bickering

While most cases of sibling conflict are normal, it can still be stressful for parents.

The Children's Hospital, Richmond Va., offers some tips on how to deal with the problem:
  • Ignore normal competition and bickering among your children. Leave the area and think about something else and let your children work it out.
  • Establish limits and rules, such as no hitting and no throwing objects.
  • Read books and articles about sibling relationships.
  • Don't make comparisons in front of your children. For example, don't say things like, "Why aren't you as tidy as your brother?"
  • If you feel you have to intervene, first tell your children that you know they're angry. Then give each child the opportunity to tell their side. Rephrase what each child said. Tell them that, even though it's a difficult problem, you believe they can resolve it.

Robert Preidt, HealthDay News

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