Sunday, June 18, 2006

Minimizing Sagging Breasts

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Q: I have fairly large breasts. I wear a size 38D bra but since I nursed my two children I've noticed that my breasts are really beginning to sag. I admit that my chest has always been the one thing that makes me feel sexy, and I am becoming very concerned about it especially because my grandmother's breasts hang nearly down to her knees! Is this hereditary, and is there anything I can do, like exercises, vitamins, special bras, to prevent it?

A: Unfortunately, gravity is not always our friend! As most women age, we notice that various body parts start to sag, even if we watch our weight and continue to exercise. While exercise cannot change the actual sagginess of your breast tissue itself, building up your pectoral muscles with a weight-training program can significantly improve the appearance of your bust.
Losing any extra weight you may be carrying since the birth of your children will also benefit your bust. Finding a bra that provides a lot of support can also help. I recommend that you consult an experienced bra saleswoman who should measure your bust (a free service) and recommend the best fitted bra for you.
There are no vitamin supplements that can help. While I strongly recommend that you--and your partner--appreciate the sexiness of your body without resorting to reconstructive surgery, a breast lift is a fairly common surgical procedure that women in your situation can consider.

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