Thursday, June 22, 2006

Legal Aspects of Integrative Medicine

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Can integrative medicine be made legally defensible, ethically appropriate and clinically responsible? According to Michael Cohen, Esq.*, "It depends." In this video of a lecture on March 17, 2005, he presents a practice "legal audit" of integrative medicine, discussing key legal issues involving providers of complementary and alternative medicine, including licensure and credentialing, scope of practice, professional discipline and malpractice liability, citing numerous historical examples.

Integrative Medicine: Can It Be Legally Defensible, Ethically Appropriate and Clinically Responsible?

*Michael H. Cohen, JD, MBA, MFA, assistant professor of medicine and director of legal programs at Harvard Medical School Osher Institute, designs policies and policies for a reproducible model of integrative health care in Harvard affiliated hospitals. He is the principal investigator on a NIH grant entitled Legal and Social Barriers to Alternative Therapy, as well as coinvestigator on several other NIH studies. In addtion, he is a member of the bar in four states and author of several books on regulation of complementary therapy and health care policy.

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