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Polysans Testing

A Polysans test is a method of detecting both inherited and endogenic (arise from within the body) toxins which continue to challenge the body’s ability to maintain wellness.
Polysans testing is an important tool used to identify and remove long held blocks to the natural healing energy bringing about optimum health. Our ability to enjoy optimum wellness can be blocked and prevented because the body can’t quite shake off the effects of a toxin or group of toxins. The continued presence of a toxin, almost ‘invisible’ to the defences of the body, weakens the body over time putting it into a state of chronic imbalance and ill health.
Once identified by Polysans testing the toxin(s) is effectively made ‘visible’ and says to the body –“Here I am, come and get me!”. The body now mobilizes its defences geared specifically to expel that toxin in the normal way.
The Test
A drop of your blood is mixed with a drop of each of the corresponding Polysan remedies. When antibodies to a toxin are present in the blood they react with one or more of the homeopathic Polysans remedies and produce agglutination (clumping together, ie. antigen-antibody reaction) indicating the best remedy to use.
Each Polysans formula is a homeopathic preparation targeted to work on specific groups of toxins which are produced in the body or passed down through generations (mother's milk). These toxins create disturbance fields in the body blocking healing and are 'hidden' from the view of the immune system. The Polysans makes them more visible for zapping.
The Polysan remedies are a strong enough potency that they work well when rubbed in percutaneously (either in the left elbow crease or on a specific site). They do not cause side effects and are used easily by themselves, or as an adjuvant therapy. The goal of all persons suffering from a chronic disorder is the balance of health. Using the Polysans in combination with an appropriate temporary diet, excluding the primary antigens (all dairy products and hen's eggs), allows us a much improved chance to recover optimum health.

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