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FAQ About Alkaline Water

Ideal pH should = 8.5 to able to neutralize various food and beverages which produce acidity in What is pH suitable for our Drinking water?
our body to achieve natural / normal condition of our blood at pH 7.4 (please note that most Cola beverages have pH= 2.5; you can know more from book 'How soft drink are harming American’s health”).

How Alkaline pH can Prevent cancer?
On 1932; Dr. Otto Warburg ; Nobel prize winner = 2 times; found that cancer Occurs in condition of absence of free oxygen; or mean that absence of oxygen In body cells lead into cancer. Chemically , alkaline water [ pH higher than 7] can absorb oxygen better than acid water (pH lower than 7) = 100 times !!! and oxygen gas donot stable in acid condition .

But it will be more stable with more concentration in alkaline condition. Alkaline water effectively hold oxygen gas to fight cancer cells.

How bioceramic produce Alkaline water?
Feldspar contents in bioceramic react with water and produce K+ Ions; essential Ions make alkaline pH. Combine with plenty of O-Ions created from Ionization.

How it benefits into our Blood circulation and Bone matrix?
Naturally our blood have pH between 7.35-7.45; any threats to lower pH like acid Beverages / high food contents of meats will require harder attempts of our body To neutralize back into normal condition; Our Bone which comprise Calcium. And magnesium are major sources which our body utilize to neutralize acidity. Alkaline pH will appropriate to our slight alkaline blood and greatly decrease Harmful threats to our bone contents. Bone porosity will be protected with alkaline Water."

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