Monday, February 06, 2006

Bottled up

PRACHUAB KHIRI KHAN: From this peninsular province comes a cautionary tale about the perils of leaving bottles standing on the floor.
Nuy (not his real name) had just finished his ablutions when he slipped on the wet floor of his bathroom and plonked down firmly on his backside.
This is the kind of embarrassment many of us suffer from time to time, but in K. Nuy’s case there was an added indignity.
At precisely the spot where he landed was a bottle of (ironically) stomach medicine. It did not break, but slid in its entirety into the poor fellow’s back passage.
Unable to extract the bottle, and in considerable pain (the bottle measured 23 centimeters long by 7.5cm in diameter) he was taken by relatives to the main Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital.
An X-ray confirmed that he did indeed have a large bottle-shaped object lodged in his large intestine, close to the main exit.
It required a surgical procedure under full anesthetic to extract the foreign object, but K. Nuy is now well on the way to recovery.

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