Friday, January 06, 2006 - Ayurveda Correspondence Course - Ayurveda Correspondence Course: Ayurvedic Herbology Online Correspondence Course(1 year) with Certificate

Ayurvedic Herbology
Ayurveda is a veda (book) of ayush (life). To lead a healthy life and to get rid of or to get cured of diseases, herbs are being used since ancient time.

Each and every dravya has its own guna (property) and karma (function), by which the dravya is utilized for remedial purposes.

The science in which dravya is studied in detail is called as Dravya-guna-vigyan (Herbology). Dravya-guna-vigyan is based on the ideas of satva-raja-tama, panchmahabhootas and various experiences derived from the study of balance-imbalance of basic components of the universe.

Dravya-guna-vigyan has been formulated in context with swasthya (health) and rugna (disease). The basic ideas have been developed keeping the patient in mind. Dravya-guna-vigyan is thus a science of treatment.

Subjects included in the course:

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