Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No Shortage of Flu Vaccine This Time

Last year, U.S. health officials were panicking about a spoiled vaccine supply cooked up to prevent a flu epidemic that never materialized. No chance of any vaccine shortfall this time around, even if there's not a flu epidemic to worry about...

Sanofi Pasteur shipped some 58 million flu vaccines by the end of last month, six weeks ahead of schedule, and plans to deliver some 4 million more in January. And, Chiron, GlaxoSmithKline and MedImmune will produce the remainder of the 81 million vaccines for the U.S. market.

Although federal health officials expected a record-setting 100 million Americans would take advantage of this worthless and potentially toxic "treatment" last year, blunders in preparation prevented that from happening making a flu shot an even tough sell.

Two facts you MUST consider before justifying the need for a flu shot:

CDC numbers show less than 800 people died from the flu in 2002, not the 36,000 deaths many pundits claim.
You run the risk of receiving a vaccine loaded with toxic, mercury-laden and health-harming thimerosal.

Yahoo News December 1, 2005

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