Friday, December 09, 2005

Merck Puts The Squeeze on Vioxx Researcher

The latest bombshell revealed during the latest Vioxx trial in Houston, and the first being tried at the federal level: Merck's vice president for clinical research denied allegations she pressured one of the nation's leading cardiologists to forgo publishing a landmark piece demonstrating the deadly effects of this lethal COX-2 inhibitor.

That meeting took place four months before Dr. Eric Topol's then controversial research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The Merck executive responsible for trying to cover up the study was also part of a team, according to Topol, who wanted to edit an early draft of the study in the hopes of toning it down and to better reflect the company's viewpoint.

Regardless what the jury decides in this case, I can only hope revelations like these will prompt patients to take better care and more responsibility for their health by seeking out safer, healthier and natural treatments, part of my blueprint for reforming the awful state of health care in America.

And, if you're looking for better methods for treating your pain without drugs, I urge you to review my seven safe alternatives that also protect your heart.
Houston Chronicle December 8, 2005
Yahoo News December 7, 2005

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