Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is Global Warming Causing Your Allergies?

Research is finding that higher temperatures and more carbon dioxide are making allergy seasons worse, stimulating plants to produce more pollen and increasing fungi growth. This, they say, may be a major reason why approximately 40 million Americans suffer from hay fever, while 16 million adults endure asthma.

Some interesting findings:
Plants are flowering significantly earlier over time and advancing the season by approximately 0.8 days per year.

A warming planet will bring more intense rainstorms, and carbon dioxide levels are expected to elevate further. In response, molds -- another common allergen -- are likely to become common in more homes.

The actual cause of the increase in allergic diseases over the past few decades is due to many factors such as lifestyle changes, obesity, and pollution. This leaves a much larger population sensitive to the increase in airborne particles that cause allergies. If you belong to this group, try these effective methods to combat your allergies naturally:

Strengthen your immune system by reducing stress and sleeping, eating and exercising well.
Get enough omega-3 from fish and cod liver oil. The essential fatty acids found in fish oil and cod liver oil can reduce both allergic and inflammatory response.
Consider food and chemical sensitivities, and strive to reduce your exposure to the triggers.
Live Science November 22, 2005

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